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About Me

I am an Intuitive Empath. This means I work through the mediums of "Claircognizance" and "Clairsentience". These are the talents of knowing and feeling. 

As I read the Tarot or Oracle Cards, more in depth information will be imparted to me from my spirit guides. This information will be based upon the feelings and situations of the client at that particular moment in time.






Background Information

I have felt Spirit around me since I was a child but it wasn't until I undertook Spiritual development with Simon Goodfellow that I was able to fully unlock my ability to interact with my Spirit Guides. 

Before meeting Simon I had developed, to a degree, my ability to listen to Spirits - but that is not to say I acted on their advice every time.  It took me 31 years and two major health scares to finally wise up to what they have been telling me!!!


It was at the time of my second major health scare that Spirit became most insistent. It was time to follow my intended life path.  When the time was right I met Simon and with his help and guidance I have been able to fully develop my skills for communicating with spirit. I am now able to share my ability to offer clarity, spiritual guidance and support using Tarot, Akashic Tarot & Energy Oracle Cards.

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