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Reiki Alternative Healing


Reiki is a beautifully simple yet deeply profound Japanese method for self-development and healing.

It supports people on their journey towards fulfilment and enlightenment, using elements taken from years of training in Tendai Buddhism, Shugendo, Samurai martial arts and ancient Japanese cultural practices.

Reiki is a spiritual practice for self-development and healing, much like the practice of meditation. Like meditation, it can be deeply transformative.  It involves “hands on” healing which can help us to further our personal development, as well as restoring our body’s capacity to heal itself.


Reiki is non-intrusive, non-manipulative and it does not diagnose.  To have a Reiki treatment, one simply remains fully clothed and lies on a massage couch, covered with a blanket.  The Reiki practitioner will work with their hands just off (raised about an inch or two above) the body.  Distance Reiki uses visualisation of your body by the practitioner.    


At the very least you will experience deep relaxation like none you have ever experienced before.  You will in all likelihood fall fast asleep and wake up feeling lighter, refreshed, balanced and rejuvenated.  You may also experience profound insight, clarity of mind and feel emotionally uplifted.

Prices from £30 for a single session.


Multiple sessions available on request. 

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